About us

  • We do it differently, we do it better

    - ... amplify, update, redesign

    - tailored websites with witty and unique design

    - without limitation by design software as usual in this industry

    - we are specialized to develop websites with unique design you can't get from most providers

    - our websites are fast loading and very responsive

    - SEO is included at no extra cost. Check us out here and compare

    Cross browser compatible website

    - This guaranties that websites may run on various browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Chrome and Safari as well as on mobile devices like mobile phones without problems. Optimisation can be a big task in some cases. Therefor we are sometimes unable to deliver mobile device optimisation for free. We are testing our products thoroughly so that your website visitors keep a positive experience. We want satisfied customers.

    Website in professional German language as well without additional cost

    - We have qualified staff. We do not translate using programs, which are often inaccurate in sense and grammar to reflect the contents correctly.

    Our team

    - Christian is our area manager for Europe. He has decades experience in this industry.

    - Chris is our responsible website designer and developer and CEO. Chris has more than 15 years experience in this industry and is an excellent team leader as well with many years' experience.

    International business

    - Christian is the person in charge in Germany. Chris lives in Australia since many years.

    Our Logo

    - We chose this kind of logo to symbolize the connection between Australia and cold Germany.



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